Dr. Ghassan Tinn

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About the Doctor

Dr. Ghassan Tinn is a consultant urologist with extensive years of experience in diagnosing and treating most urological problems for both adults and children. He worked in Sheikh Khalifa Medical Center in the UAE as the head of urology department and was granted the best physician award, He also worked in Ependreff University Hamburg in Germany for 13 years and in Krefled Hospital. Furthermore, he introduced a new method of prostate treatment ( holmium laser resection of the prostate) and was excelled in providing endoscopic procedures and the stone treatment in all international modern methods especially for pediatrics.

Dr. Tinn covers most urological diseases including kidney urinary tract, genital diseases, transurethral removal of the bladder tumor, prostate biopsy and cystoscopies

Specializing In

Andropause Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Bladder Cancer Chronic Kidney Disease Congenital Abnomalies Read More Less

Licenses / Permits

  • Abu Dhabi Health Authority

Board Certifications

  • German Board Certified

Professional Memberships

  • Membership of European Urology Society
  • Membership of the German Urology Society
  • Membership of the UAE Urology Association

Languages Spoken

  • Arabic
  • English
  • German
  • French